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Hide Pillows

Hide pillows are made with cowhide natural hair-on-hide leather, or fur hides. A hide pillow offers a distinct and exquisite design accent for any style decor. We offer many types of hide pillows, including the classic natural cowhide pillow design, zebra print cowhide pillows. Fur hides are much warmer than other fabrics, making it a natural cover for a pillow. It adds texture and visual interest to any couch or bedroom.

Cow hide pillow covers add warmth and character to your couches or bedroom. If you cannot find the right cowhide pillow cover for your home, please email us a picture of what you are looking for. We can typically provide a very competitive price for almost any design!

Our genuine fur hides pillow work well in most interior designs because fur hides are such a natural material, especially for pillows.

These are high quality hide pillows, sturdily made and designed to last a life time. They are made from 100% genuine fur and cowhide. Many of our pillows come with the option to have fur on one side, or both. Our fur pillows also tend to come in many sizes.

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Modern Taste with Cowhide Rugs

Looking for that special look that will give your room a modern feel? Look no further. With a Zebra Print Cowhide Rug you will create an eye-catching modern look that will be remembered. Bear in mind, also, that paint can be used to manage surface imperfections; matte finishes will minimize lumps and bumps, whereas satin can actually exacerbate less than perfect walls. Rugs as decor Colour, shape and pattern are all very important, but don’t feel you have to change...

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Cowhide Rugs for any Room

Cowhide rugs are perfect to accentuate your homes. They come in different styles and designs. Cowhide Rugs are now available for you to purchase conveniently online. Cowhide Rugs come in many different types such as the Classic Cowhide Rugs, Modern Cowhide Rugs, Designer Cowhide Rugs, Patchwork Cowhide Rugs and Unique Cowhide Rugs. All of these Cowhide Rugs types are sets of stunning designs and styles that would surely beautify your own space. You can shop on the wide selections of...

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