Modern Taste with Cowhide Rugs

Modern Taste with Cowhide RugsLooking for that special look that will give your room a modern feel? Look no further. With a Zebra Print Cowhide Rug you will create an eye-catching modern look that will be remembered.

Bear in mind, also, that paint can be used to manage surface imperfections; matte finishes will minimize lumps and bumps, whereas satin can actually exacerbate less than perfect walls.

Rugs as decor

Colour, shape and pattern are all very important, but don’t feel you have to change walls — or completely refurnish — to express yourself; it could be that flooring is the only thing you need to alter to successfully switch up mood. As a final layer, after carpeting, we installed a new rug and the cowhide (striped to resemble zebra) adds an exotic feel, which further elevates our project’s glamour factor. Tonally, it connects to the new chandelier, the patterned window blinds, the huge vases and to the various accessories that flavour our work.

Modern Taste with Cowhide RugsSeats you, sir

The existing sofa and chairs, a clunky combo of brown leather and Asian lines, were dispatched to the basement to become part of a newly-created TV room. A mix of slipper chairs and a large white sofa (specifically instructed by our client) add instant flair. The resultant look is fresh and compelling and at polar opposites to the overstuffed space we inherited when we walked in for the very first time.

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