Tanned Fur Hides & Skins

We have a large variety of real, authentic tanned fur hides and skins for sale. Our tanned fur hides are not suitable for taxidermy but are ideal for decorative hides or arts and crafts.

These tanned animal fur hides and real tanned fur skins will add greatly to your home decor. You can choose from black bear skins, grizzly bear hides, coyote fur skins, mountain lion hides, bobcat fur skins, skunk hides, beaver furs, fisher hides, cougar skins, musk-ox hides, bighorn sheep hides, mountain goat hides, bison hides, deer hides, moose hides, and many more.

Real tanned hides or real tanned furs skins looks great displayed hanging on the wall, on the floor, or over the back of a chair etc. These tanned fur hides and skins make great gifts.